2008 December 11
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by joe

Hi;  for those who don’t know me,  I am Joseph,  proud father of Levi and Isaiah.  I have fantasized and talked about (mostly in jest) touring South America for most of my life.  I still don’t really know why I am fascinated by, and drawn to explore that part of the world, but it has always been there.  My family probably heard me talk about wandering off to Tierra Del Fuego too many times.  I have also been passionate about motorcycling,  and motorcycle touring,  ever since I bought my first used Honda 305 Superhawk in 1967.    Both of my sons have become riders as well.

But it is Levi who has actually made this fantasy become a reality;  he has ‘called my bluff’ as it were,  by his being willing to leave his job and friends in California, and inviting me, his father, to join him on this adventure of a lifetime.  NO WAY would I pass up an opportunity like that!

We have both worked hard and long to make this crazy dream become an opportunity, and I admit to being both exhilarated and terrified.  I cannot guess at nor imagine all of the adventures and experiences that are in store for us,  but I am sure that the two men who return from this odyssey will not be the same as those who left.  Wish us luck!

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  1. 2008 December 14
    Tom Hirsch permalink

    Joe (&Levi) – this sounds fantastic. Keep me/us updated via the blog.

    Joe: call me Monday or Tuesday 608-332-7797 if you can.

    Regards, Tom

  2. 2008 December 15
    Andy Talbott permalink

    Good morning Joe. It is good to hear form you (both). I will get to know your son as the trip progresses. Hope you are having good weather where you are. We are having an ice storm this morning. Oh well! this is Michigan. I look forward to seeing and hearing about your progress.