A few days in Alamos, Sonora

2008 December 25
by joe

I has been a lot harder than I had hoped to keep up with blogging.  Internet access has been spotty and catch-as-catch-can. 

We crossed the border Monday, and achieved our first day’s target of getting to Hermosillo by nightfall.  We found a relatively inexpensive motel (sometimes hot water, no heat or blankets, no room keys, etc).  Levi befriended a tile-setter, Javier, working at our motel, who directed us to a local taco stand for supper.  He gladly joined us for a few beers, as well.  Next morning, before we left, he was back at the motel, sober(!),  and with a gift for us!

The next days ride was very nice;  great weather (at last),  and we had a very pleasant day.  Passed one military roadblock that was right out of some movie about third-world revolutions… beggers, peddlers, vendors  everywhere, smoke filling the air from open fires and camp cooking, cars and trucks pulled off the road in random fashion, very young men in fatigue uniforms with automatic weapons looking very stern…  all quite surreal.

Arrived in Alamos on Tuesday, before dark, and drove straight to my friend Jerry R.’s house.  He has been a very gracious host, allowing us to use his garden and ‘ramada’ (and bathroom!) as our own.  For this we are very grateful!

Alamos is a lovely little town, and I really enjoy it here.  We have spent two days now, waiting out the Chrismas holiday,  and it has been fun, relaxing, and re-energizing.  That said, I am ready and anxious to continue the long ride south.

I will have to re-edit this and add pictures later;   we did not expect the internet cafe to be open and didn’t bring our cameras.

The Ramada in Jerry´s Garden

The Ramada in Jerry´s Garden

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  1. 2008 December 31
    Heather Marttila permalink

    What an incredible way to begin 2009! Ive been checking in on this every couple of days. Hope all is well for you and wishing you both an awesome new year (although I think you will have a more inspiring year than most).

  2. 2008 December 31
    Andy Talbott permalink

    Happy New Year. I have been following you on the “Spot” map. I see you are making great progress. I hope all is well. We are having another snow storm today. I’ll bet it is a lot warmer where you are at. Hope to hear form you soon.