Dec. 31 – Larazo Cardenas to Zihautanejo

2009 January 2
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by joe

We had stuffed towels into the missing windows, hoping to slow down the bugs and spiders, but there were plenty of them sharing the room with us by morning. Up and on the road without delays for once. Stopped for money and food in Lazaro Cardenas, and it was a hassle findig a wroking ATM. Got lost somehow a couple of times (couldn’t be the excellent highway markings in the country), and actually did a 20 klm loop, going past the same checkpoint twice, before we found the right road. We are now in Guerrero state.

Got to Ixtapa early; it was crowded to the max! Quickly we went to Zihauntanejo, and immediately liked it a lot. Small town atmosphere, great old city with lots of hotels, restaurants, cofffe shops, all the amenities, within an easily walkable downtown. Great place. We found a reasonable room, got haircuts and shaves, did some internet catchup, and went to the beach. Beautiful bay, luke-warm. Scenic and lovely. While wading, I had crabs (I assume) nibble on my toes!!! Kinda creepy. And Levi stepped on (we think) a sea urchin, which hurt like hell, and patially and temporarily paralyzed his foot, then his ankle, then thigh, then hip. Glad it stopped there!

We had a GREAT dinner – steak, shrimp,chicken, pasta, wine, coffee. We had a nice talk with some local men (one a Mexican, the other a part-time ex-pat) who were at the next table and were obviously curious about us.

After dinner we went back to the beach for music and fireworks for ano nuevo. BEST FIREWORKS ever for me, ’cause they were set off right from the beach we were standing on, and shot right over our heads. Absolutely no safety precautions or restrictions AT ALL. You could stand right next to the launch tubes, if you wanted to! There were at least three different groups launching stuff at midnight, and it was a super show, and tons of fun. As far as I could tell, noone was injured! I loved it. I think Zihauntanejo may be my new favorite beach resort.

Happy new year, everyone!

I am feeling much better now, by the way.

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  1. 2009 January 12
    Isaiah permalink

    Wow! So glad u were feelin better on New Years… Exciting about the fireworks, I love a little danger with my fireworks show…. Not sure if I ever told you about the Italian tradition of running through the square while everyone flung Champagne bottles into the air.. Madness… haha…