Jan. 1 – Zihauntanejo to San Marcos

2009 January 3
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by joe

Got a late start, as usual.  Cold showers;  good breakfast across the street from our hotel.  Fresh squeezed OJ; what a treat.  Walked to playa for picts, then easy out of town.  Easy trip to Acapulco, except for the bullshit toll road.  Somehow I got stung by a bee while riding, and it hurt like hell for a long time. Levi wanted to drive through Acapulco, just to see it, and it was the overcrowded zoo you would expect.  Persons crammed onto the beach like sardines in a can.

We did good getting out of town and back on mx-200, until I hit an un-marked topes from hell (speed bump) at 50 mph, and got both wheels off the ground.  Definitely an unexpected and unwanted thrill.  Levi said he wished he had a video of it.

We stopped at a little town called San Marcos, in Oaxaca state, at dark.  We both had enough topes for one day.   We found a $15 motel room, with a nice pool and air conditioning.  Had to settle on lengue tacos for dinner (not my favorite), but SanMarcos turned out to be such a friendly town.  One family at the restaurant tried to flirt with Levi and get him interested in their 20 year old daughter.  A very nice experience here;  everyone seems to love US citizens;  can’t imagine why!

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