Jan. 5 – A day in Cuidad Oaxaca

2009 January 5
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by joe

After going out alone to explore the Oaxaca nightlife, Levi didn’t return to our dorm room until 9:00 AM.  I got up around then, had a nice hot shower and walked to the Zocalo for a cappuccino.  Spent a very pleasant hour and one-half sitting at a cafe table watching the parade of traffic like a rich gringo tourist.  Got back to the room at noon, woke the boy up, and we walked back to el centro for breakfast.

Then we took off the suspect part and started off on foot for a part search adventure.  We stopped at a moto repair shop, and got directions to nowhere.  We then continued on,  looking for a Kawasaki dealer we had located on the internet, and we actually found it!  But, of course, it was closed for siesta.  So we sat on the curb eating ice cream and watching the world speed by until the shop re-opened at 4:00.  They were indeed a Kawasaki motorcycle shop, but had no parts fort large bikes at all.  We took a part that looked like it would work, and started the hike back.

We installed the replacement part, and the bike did seem to run better now.  We will test-ride tomorrow.

Went for a walk to see some of the amazing churches here, and then returned to the hostel to have dinner with some of the other travelers we have met here;  Germans,  Canadians, and Mexicans.  We had a great time, a good Indian dinner, and enjoyed the company.

Tonight we have a great private room here, two beds and a real locked door, all for $14.00 a night.  What a deal!

We are staying here at least one more day,  planning on seeing Monte Albon and perhaps dome other local sights.

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