a few photos

2009 January 6
by joe

some hostel friends

some hostel friends

Still old as dirt - but with a lot less gray hair

Still old as dirt – but with a lot less gray hair
Levi as a clean young man

Levi as a clean young man

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  1. 2009 January 6
    Aaron permalink

    Levi…without a beard…what?! Keep the pics and stories coming, this is beyond awesome.


  2. 2009 January 6
    Kristen K. permalink

    Aaron…ditto. Figures that Levi ditches the beard as soon as he ditches the country.

    Lookin’ good Weintraub men.

    • 2009 January 9

      Hey, only because I’m lazy! :) We went to the barber for a $4.75 haircut, and it included a (non-straight razor thank god!) shave! It won’t last long… or at least till the next incredibly cheap haircut!

      • 2009 January 10
        Kristen K. permalink

        Ahahaha. Mexican straight-razor shave. Worst 5(?) dollars ever spent on a seemingly good deal ;)

  3. 2009 January 7
    Jenn permalink

    Wow….I haven’t since the fall of 2006! I am loving the stories….keep them coming!

    • 2009 January 7
      Jenn permalink

      Correction: I haven’t seen you cleanly shaven since the fall of 2006.

  4. 2009 January 7
    Jon permalink

    Levi, thank you for the email heads up. I must say i haven’t been getting as much work done trying to catch up on your posts but it’s definitely worth it. This is truly the story and adventure of a lifetime and major props to both you and your Dad for pulling it off! Good luck.

  5. 2009 January 7
    Joanna permalink

    Lookin good guys!!!!

  6. 2009 January 7
    justin permalink

    who’s the hottie? and i don’t mean your dad.