Jan. 11 – Ruinas Xpujil and Becan

2009 January 12
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by joe

Today we stayed in Xpujil and toured a pair of local archeological sites.  We had too much fuel on-board for me to remove my fuel control to attempt to fix the reserve issue.

The hotel we stayed at for two days had a beautiful pair of tucans in a cage, and did they ever make a racket in the morning!

We got a taste of what the Yucatan is like, while driving to the remote ruin sites.  Very dense, dry jungle, all growing to 30 feet in height or less.  Flat and all thin-soil over limestone.

We did some reading up on Belize and Guatemala.  Some scary stories out there!

It is proving to be a real bitch trying to add pictures to these posts, when the connections are so poor.  I will try to re-edit these posts and add the picts. when we have a faster internet connection.

The ruins we saw today were not on ethe scale of palenque, but were very impressive and amazing.  they were new to me, and we both enjoyed the walking and climbing.

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