Jan. 18 – La Ruidosa, GT. to Metapan, ES.

2009 January 19
by joe

Rain all night, rain in the morning.  I was stiff and very sore when I woke.  Coffee and then off on good road towards Guatemala city.  Rain, rain, rain.  Made the turn-off towards the border, then, while traveling in heavy traffic through a small town named Sta. Rosalia, a freaking cow decided to RUN into the road front of me.  Levi was riding behind me, and says I hit the brake, but I don’t even remember doing that.  I saw the cow a split second before I ran into it going 35-40 mph.

This time my first words were, “I am getting real sick of this shit!”

This time it was multiple contusions on my left leg, and lots of scrapes on my left hip and elbow and side.  But no broken bones, and no serious damage to the bike!  Live to ride another day.  Thank goodness for good gear – jacket and helmet.  The KLR is like a tank.

Back up and on the bike again (what choice do I really have?), we continue south.  The road to the El Salvador border is almost un-marked;  we almost turn back when we finally see a tiny sign for Frontera El Salvador.  The road goes completely to shit as we approach the border.  Some sort of political game going on here.

Lots of stupid paperwork just to leave Guatemala, then two hours of ridiculous nonsense before we clear immigration into El Salvador.  Once we leave the border station, the road is now perfect, and we are greeted with a beautiful sunset over fantastic mountains.  We stop in the first town we can, and it turns out to be a very nice place.  It is election night in El Salvador, and we are treated to fireworks, and a great pupusa dinner, for $1.10 each!  We get a very nice hotel room, get our clothes washed for us, and, with plenty more pain meds, have a quiet and decent night.

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  1. 2009 January 22

    Enjoy the trip and all of its challenges. It is looking like you guys have the best possible timing with the way the economy is going right now. No need to rush back home :) More pictures!