Mar. 10 – Catamarca to Mendoza

2009 March 20
by joe

We suffer through the worst hotel breakfast yet!  Coffee and dog biscuits!  I swear, the ‘bread’ they served us was worse than any dog biscuit could be!  We head south on a great road, and travel though miles and miles of desert.    We stop for lunch, just because we are so bored with the scenery, and then continue through more, even more desolate desert!   We do a chain adjustment on both bikes, and discover more missing nuts and bolts.  Levi’s axle seems to tighten in too much, and my (new) chain seems to be stretching out badly.

 We get kind of confused near San Juan, but get on the correct road and head towards Mendoza on a modern freeway.  We pass through  vineyards and orchards, and wine-making regions that smell wonderful.  We get sprayed by some sort of chemical stuff at the state border, and continue well after dark into the huge, modern, European-style city of Mendoza, the wine capital of Argentina.  We find a very nice hotel with parking.

We take a cab to a tavern we read about for dinner.  Mendoza is a very fancy, sophisticated city, with lots of outdoor cafes and plazas and fountains.  My chest is hurting big time.

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