Mar. 7 – La Quiaca to S.S. de Jujuy

2009 March 20
by joe

We get a fairly early start, and have coffee and rolls at the hotel.  The fix-a-flat tire is down a few psi, but not flat., and we air up all four tires, as we had lowered our tire pressure for the dirt and rocks in Bolivia, and now we are back on pavement.

We head south on route 9 – a very good road, with fantastic scenery.  This part of Argentina is BIG, really BIG;  it reminds me a little of Montana or Wyoming, but BIGGER, if you can imagine such a thing!  So colorful and beautiful.  We are high again, and cross a pass at 3734 meters (12,250 ft).

At one point we are stopped by the traffic police waving from the roadside – the first time yet in South America!  It is strictly another shakedown, and Levi winds up paying a ‘fine’ for not having ‘seguro’,  insurance!  What a bunch of crap, but this time we do not let it waste our time or spoil our day… we pay and move on.

We arrive in Jujuy around 1:30 PM, and meet up with Levi’s friend.  Together we search our a reasonable hotel, and get settled in.  Levi’s friend has been in Argentina a while, and helps us find a great place for lunch, where we get some excellent empanadas, which are great!  I manage to find the batteries I need for the water sterilizer, and then I rest up while the young ‘ens go exploring this quaint city.  Later, we all walk to the main plaza and have an excellent dinner sitting at sidewalk tables outside on a truely beautiful evening.  I appreciate the light-duty day, as I am still suffering some chest-muscle pain from the fall in Bolivia.

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