The Gang Arrives

2009 March 26
by Levi

We’re both currently more than two weeks behind on our writing, but I can’t help but break continuity to declare that today, March 26th, we arrived at our southern destination, Ushuaia. After well over a thousand miles of desolate Argentine grassland, the last 20 miles were incredible glacier-capped mountains and finally, incredibly, Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. We made it.

The hostel we found gave us a bottle of whiskey to celebrate, and it’s safe to say it feels pretty damn amazing to reach our destination after around 15,000 miles. As I write this, I’m raising a toast of our free whiskey to our new friends from the road, those who’ve helped us when we were in need, our friends back home, and all out there reading. Thanks to you all for being your own part of our little trip thus far. It’s been a great run.

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  1. 2009 March 26
    Zeev permalink

    Congratulations :-):-):-)
    I was sure it would be to cold for you to reach at this time of the year.
    If it is not too cold I would recommend to cross over to Chile and go to torres del pine

    • 2009 April 3

      Did Torres del Pine… Fantastic! I’m glad to finally prove you wrong :)

  2. 2009 March 27
    auntcyn permalink

    we join the rest of the family & friends in a toast to your fantastic adventure & especially to your safe arrival!
    love to all

    • 2009 April 3

      Thanks Cyn! Hard to believe we actually made it. I can’t wait to see you guys when we get back!

  3. 2009 March 27
    Aaron permalink

    Congrats dude!!

  4. 2009 March 27
    Heather permalink

    Congrats!!!!!! What a journey! You guys did a fabulous job with this site, felt like I was there with you (but grateful that I wasnt- especially at border crossings). Big news to report too…Having my baby boy on Wednesday morning (April 1st-yeah April Fools baby). So looks like our family has a lot to celebrate right now. Hurry home safely…I’m anxious to hear stories that didnt make it on here. Love you guys!!

    • 2009 April 3

      So, when am I gonna see this cute boy of yours?? Tons of congrats! We’ll have to catch up when I’m back in Michigan!

  5. 2009 March 27
    Unka No-B permalink

    Joe and Levi congratulations on your achievement, and for being a great example of living your dreams. How does it feel?

  6. 2009 March 27
    Vicki permalink

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! :-)

    I will be toasting to your amazing achievement, here in San Fran! Thank you for sharing your adventure!

    • 2009 April 3

      Thanks for reading! Of course we shared :) Seriously glad to have made it, and far gladder that there are people crazy enough to read what we’ve written of the journey! Thank vishnu for friends.

  7. 2009 March 28
    Linda permalink

    YEAH!! and CONGRATS!! I knew you’d make it. Tried to send you emails but they’re not working. Loved being able to track you and read about the adventure. Look forward to your return.

    • 2009 April 3

      I’m not sure what was going wrong on your emails, but if you’re using the forms on the top, everything should be working! I’m glad things worked out for tracking, even if I’m sorry our actual posts have gotten so far behind. I hope you’re looking forward to our return considering I’m likely crashing at your place when I get back! :)

  8. 2009 March 31
    Sarah permalink

    “Yo no busco, yo encuentro.”

    congrats! how’s the view from down there?

    • 2009 April 3

      Spectacular dude. Worth every minute! Highly recommended :)

  9. 2009 April 2
    Jenn permalink

    A very belated congratulations….how exciting!

  10. 2009 April 2
    Uncle No-B permalink

    Hey guys, just wondering what’s your location and exit strategy? Anything for the Long Ride South website freaks?

    • 2009 April 3

      Yo Norb! Currently we’re in Punta Arenas working on selling our bikes. The exit strategy is as follows:

      – Fly/Bus to Buenos Aires.
      – Bus to Iguazu Falls.
      – Bus to Rio
      – Fly Home!

  11. 2009 April 3
    Uncle No-B permalink

    Thanks! Good Luck selling the bikes, and make sure you go to the beach in Rio.

  12. 2009 April 3
    Uncle No-B permalink

    Thanks! Good Luck selling the bikes, and make sure you go to the beach in Rio.

  13. 2009 April 9

    Congratulations on making it to your destination. Now come back and eat some ribs.

  14. 2009 April 24

    you’re probably home by now!

  15. 2009 April 27
    Tanya permalink

    Wow! you guys made it! I’ve been so busy I was behind on the travel blog! Congratulations Levi (+Dad)! What a fantastic journey.