Mar. 13 – Holed up in Santiago

2009 March 28
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by joe

When I awoke in the morning, I walked out onto our balcony, which looked down into the hotel parking area.  I am amazed to see a man down below, working away with a bucket and rag, cleaning and polishing our filthy, muddy motorcycles!  I cannot believe my eyes!  I get Levi up, have him come out onto the balcony, and he is also amazed to see this.

We go down to the hotel basement, and are again pleasantly surprised by the nice buffet breakfast that was included in our over-priced room.  Eggs, toast,  ham , cheese , coffee and juices, all you can consume.  A real change from what we have had lately.

We have decided that we are going to stay in Santiago this day, and not leave until tomorrow.  Levi wants to see some of this large, European-like city, and I am hurting and need a day of rest.  Levi goes off on his own, taking the subway to the downtown and to some museums.  I decide to try to contact my friend Larry, who is an MD, and find out if he can advise me on what I may have done to my chest to cause me such terrible pain when I sneeze or cough.  I am uncertain if I should continue to ignore this, or seek medical help.

With the help of my friends back in Michigan, I am able to connect by phone with Larry, and he suggests that what I probably have is pleurisy as a result of the blow I received to my sternum.  It is not a condition that poses any serious threat, and he describes the treatment and advises me to be patient as it could be several weeks before the symptoms disappear.  I am much relieved by this diagnosis, and time later proves he is exactly correct.

I rest and relax much of the day, but explore the neighborhood around our apartment a bit.  Wonderful parks and plazas and shopping areas.  when Levi returns later that night, we go out for pizza and beer.  the day off has done me good, and Levi enjoyed his day in Santiago as well.

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