Mar. 15 – A day in Curico

2009 April 7
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by joe

The fancy hotel had a fancy breakfast buffet, with eggs and stuff, and that was nice.  Feeling better today, after much pain yesterday.  We get a telephone book, and make calls looking for parts.  Levi talks to two places in Santiago, and only one sounds like a possibility, telling us we have to wait till Monday to talk to a person who can help us.  We chat online with Bike Bandit in the US, and they tell us 7 to 10 working days to get parts to us where we are!  That would cost us about $250 USD, with shipping,  if we went that route.  We are depressed!

We search around, and look for a cheaper place to stay.  We check a dozen places, and finally find the Hotel Prat on PeñaSt.  Hostel like place, but we get a decent room with a bath and kitchen facilities.  Much cheaper.  Finding dinner proved to be a real hassle, as all the restaurants in town seemed to be closed on Sunday. We ended up eating crap food at the bus station!  It was a noisy night at the busyhostel, with lots of comings and goings.

Not our best day…

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