Mar. 23 – Fitz Roy to Rio Gallegos

2009 April 22
by joe

Sort of an early start;  we return to the comidor on main street for breakfast, such as it is.  No grease for sale at the gas station, so we sigh deeply, unable to re-grease the new wheel bearings,  and head out on the windy, desert road.  Windy is an understatement.

We drive for 400 miles,  stopping only for coffee,  food and gas, eating in the gas stations.  Desolate, empty, flat desert everywhere.  We see some camelids, and weird ostrich-like birds called nandus (    Crazy wind the entire way.  Exhausting ride.

Rio Gallegos is a larger town,  the first we have been in in a while;  paved streets, real shops and hotels.  Weather is decidely more chilly now.  We locate a decent hostel, with real down comforters and clean sheets, and have a good fish dinner.  It feels good to have so much of the southward leg of this part of the trip completed.  Tierra del Fuego is now within a days ride.  We are excited.

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